Answer the following questions to apply for a 2018 Watershed Institute External Expertise Grant. Please see the Grant Program Announcement for details and eligibility before applying.  We will respond to your request in a timely fashion. Thanks for your interest, and for your commitment to protecting and promoting watershed health in New Jersey!
What is the name of your organization? *

Is your organization a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit? *

Has your organization received funding from the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation within the last year? *

Please provide your full name and position within the organization. *

Please provide your email address in case we need to contact you with questions regarding your application. *

Please provide a contact address for your organization. *

This should be the address to which an award check would be mailed.
Describe the issue or problem for which your organization would like to bring in outside expertise. *

Describe why your organization needs outside help on this issue. *

Describe how this issue relates to one or more of the Institute's Targeted Actions:

*-Water Quality Science & Education
- Stormwater Policy
- Green Infrastructure
- Climate Change Resiliency* *

Who does your organization intend to bring in as an external expert? Please provide a brief bio for the person(s) in question, along with their contact information.

Do you have a quote for their services?

What is the total amount your organization plans to spend on securing external expertise on this issue? *

Total Funds Requested (max. $500): *

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